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EVO/ X-EVO/ Stinger GTX Mod/ EZ setter combo (blades) (accessories)

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This modification allows you to put your GTX, GTX-Z, Outliner 2 blade, As well as most T-blades on your EVO / X EVO/ 22 STINGER trimmers!


  • The modification also fits the Kiepe Diavel, and the Monster trimmer

  • Comes with all parts and screws necessary for a seamless modification.

  • Tools needed to successfully complete the modification: a small flat head screwdriver, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Modification kit only (blade and trimmer sold separately)

  • AND the EZ blade setter! The blade adjusting tool will help in the aid of setting blades without the guess work!

  • You only need 1 blade setter to set every blade available (wahl, andis, Babyliss, gamma ect)