Barber Supplies & Things to Consider When Opening a Barbershop in 2024

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When deciding to open a barbershop or salon, it will require quality supplies. Definitely ask fellow barbers about the clippers they are using. However, if you want your clients to keep returning, you must provide a top-quality experience from a customer service standpoint and industry-leading tools and equipment. This will help make a lasting impression on your current and potential customers for your barbershop. Let's talk about how to successfully open a shop and what supplies you will need to make it happen!

Make a Detailed List

The essential thing you need to do when considering acquiring barber supplies is to set up a list. I say this because the current supply climate can be very overwhelming, with new clippers coming out so often and so few reviews. If you are confused about picking the right tools to use, you can visit our YouTube channel "Clipper Shopping at The Barber Plug," where the industry's top barbers from across the nation educate on which tools they use and why. Here, you will find videos, tips, and reviews on the best tools to use from your favorite barbers. Barbers such as Loscutit and Mr. Official represent Babyliss Pro Barberology and provide us with details and secrets about clipper launches, innovation, and technology. Meanwhile, PapiBlendz, JRL Educator, can be seen going toe-to-toe with StyleCraft Typhoon and educator Victorino about their favorite trimmers from Wahl, JRL Onyx, and Gamma barber tools. This is education for Barbers on a whole new level to help you decide the right tools for you outside of grand physical events such as CT Barber Expo or Barbercon. In addition, we also have secret Barber Plug insiders and memberships to set you above your peers; information on these can be found on our website and Instagram.

Consider a Hair Stylist

Hair stylists may also have a use for tools such as clippers, trimmers, and shavers. Thus, there are other hair salon supplies, for instance, straighteners, scissors, and similar items that are used by stylists but overlap with barbers. Before you open your shop, be sure to consider whether you want a stylist to occupy a chair or if you only want your shop to house barbers. Towels, sterilization equipment, sanitizers, and hair wash stations are also essential to the long-term success of a barbershop and are a must in 2024 for success. Another thing to consider when bringing on a stylist is that women barbers' trajectory in the barber industry has skyrocketed over the past couple of years as they have taken the industry by storm due to their attention to detail with different hair types, hospitality, and welcoming spirits. Therefore, our female counterparts can be a huge help in organic marketing and driving shop traffic.

Barber Supplies Summary and Shop Opening

Other barber shop supplies could include brushes, tweezers, razors, and shavers. We often recommend Level 3 Hair products due to their quality craftsmanship and color. These items can often be purchased online at, or you can visit our store and get the full experience of feeling the tools and meeting The Barber Plug team. Once you have fully stocked your barbershop, you will be ready for the marketing gauntlet of the Grand Opening. For more information on this topic, be sure to purchase our E-Book on our website.

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